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Vulnerabilities everywhere and not a thought to think

Vulnerablities everywhere and not a thought to think
WordPress Eliminator
Microsoft Exchange

Google is looking for your feedback – Gary Illyes wrote on yesterday on Twitter Google was going to redo their Help docs on Robots text and robots tags
They already added information to the Meta Robots Directive help docs

Will browser extentions hurt Core Web Vitals Scores? – probably but probably not a problem

Google Pandemic Change predictions

New Search Engine

Is SEO Harder today than 5 years ago

— aside comment –> Most of my career experience has been watching Google introduce products designed to disrupt what used to be MS’s dominance on the Desktop. Google is now dominant, even in areas beyond search but it has goofed up so many business-fulfillment projects over that time the energy is now moving swiftly away from them. The scope of needs for any given business fulfillment system (including being kinda/sorta data-secure) are so vast very few corporations could even dream of making this kind of software. This is going to force me into the SaaS Office environment. I’ve been able to resist it until now. I’m also going to have to migrate away from the increasingly useless but always adorable Blackberry device I still use. Apparently MS doesn’t like OS/dinosaur. (I once wrote a feature article on the Blackberry keyboard in a 45minute subway ride)

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