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Webcology – COVID19 – Week12

These are extraordinary times. The most important thing is to say something and we say, empathically, BLACK LIVES MATTER. Racism has no place in policing, policy, or in our politics. We are so close to being so much better and we can be better but we have to want to be. Webcology stands for equity, equality, and collective advancement through analysis and understanding.
This was a busy episode. We looked at the protests and politics and the responses of the tech community. We talked about the differences between Twitter and Facebook’s reactions to the President, Executive branch, and some GOP senators using their platforms to spread misinformation, hate speech, and threats of violence. We noted statements made by leaders in the tech and SEO community.
We also talked about:
– the SEMRush blog-network link selling controversy, also known as the New Mueller Report
– SEMRush making an outsized contribution to the community organizing some of the best information sessions out there
– Bing webmaster tools new and vastly improved backlink reporting
– speculate about the beneficial effects of proper Schema markup and the May Core 2020 update
– and we discussed other SEOey stuff.
Stay safe, respect each other, wash your hands, rank well, don’t touch your faces, take care of each other, we’ll talk to you next week

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