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Webcology – July 2 – Between the Holidays

Week 18 of the COVID crisis and the world feels like it’s trying to find control. This turned out to be a general news show looking at a dozen or so things that happened over the week.

When you’ve lost Lego, you’ve lost the moral high ground. Hundreds of brands have vanished from Facebook as the advertising boycott pushes Mark Zuckerberg down to the 4th richest person on Earth and driven Facebook to remove items of hate speech and ban several profiles for fostering or promoting hate, violence, or insurrection. Coca Cola joined yesterday.
WWJSD? (What Would John Smith Do)
Googlebot’s alter ego, John Smith was seen filling up shopping carts and abandoning them near checkouts at major e-commerce platforms around the Web, just to check the prices of bread. Charges of annoyance and wonked analytics followed.
Bruce Clay’s Declaration of SEO
Google treats plural and single versions of words differently.
Do winning websites use plug-ins?
A fun show somewhat beset by bandwidth weirdness

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