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Webcology – The 2020 II edition?

Moving into the New Year I have a strange sense of déjà vu. Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 2020 Two, the updated edition.

This is the sixth day of January, 2022. A year ago, before the attempted coup, we were all so much younger. Now it just feels numb, and dumb, and sometime sort of pointless. It feels like we’re entering the new year running it petal to the metal, full tilt in neutral. The incredible spikes in COVID infections over the last few weeks from Omicron is so far beyond believable it makes knowledge of what is coming in the next two weeks unfathomable. Happy New Year eh? I got Omicroned for Christmas. Myself and my partner Shana both got exposed and infected over the two week holiday period. I think it might have happened in a cell phone store. For me, it was very very mild. I had a nasty cold sore and a half day of sniffles. I would have been exposed 10 – 14 days after getting my third dose booster shot of SpikeVax, the punkrock name given to the Moderna vaccine. Shana, who as many of you know was infected early in April 2020, caught her second bout of Covid. In her it manifested as one of the harshest flues she’s had in years. She had yet to receive a booster shot.

The next two weeks are likely to be crazy. I hope I’m wrong but expect a lot of people to phone in sick and a lot of services and shops to be shut down for lack of staff. If we’re smart, four to six weeks from now could look very different but, if there’s one thing I am absolutely sure of, we’re not nearly smart enough when it comes to existential emergencies. 2022 is going to teach us all a lot of lessons, some good and some bad. I think how things work out will have a lot to do with how we learn them.

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