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What Happened After Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Came Back From North Korea?

Jim offers some commentary following Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and his recent visit to Korea with Founder/Consultant Kristine Schachinger, Reliable SEO and SEO Training Dojo Partner Terry Van Horne and SEW Weekly Host Thom Craver.

Jim wrote the following thoughts prior to the show. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is a very dangerous man. Aside from being one of the primary shredders of personal privacy around, Mr. Schmidt is proving to be a danger to world peace. Its been what, like, eight or nine months since North Korea freaked everyone out by announcing new nuclear weapons or missile tests. Recently, the hermit state looked as if it was trying to rejoin the world of nations announcing sweeping economic and industrial improvement plans.

Earlier this month, Schmidt and his daughter Sophie were in North Korea led by US diplomat and former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. Sophie Schmidt wrote an extremely candid blog about her experience, comparing life in North Korea with the Truman Show. Eric Schmidt wrote about how the North Koreans control information via a dual structured Internet/Intranet and by limiting the capabilities of smart-phones available to North Koreans.

Earlier today, North Korea announced a new wave of underground nuclear weapons tests combined with a resurgent missile program targeting the west coast of the United States. You know whats on the west coast of the United States? Eric Schmidts office is three miles from the coast.

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