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WordPress now offers Website Development

WordPress now offers Website Development
Automattica is the business arm of WordPress, the one that runs, WooCommerce, JetPack, Gavatar, and Akismet. Will introduce web development business with site prices starting at $4900. Matt Mullenweg suggests the move targets Wix and Squarespace rather than traditional website designers.

Googlebot now crawling HTTP / 2 – also known as H2, btw…
http 2 is a new hypertext transfer protocol that speeds communication and data transfer between browsers, servers, and various bots. (

Google Search Console adds report for News publishers

Selling Domains based on SEO Value – Google says, “that’s silly”
I bid … them good luck. Selling a domain based on the “SEO footprint” sounds a bit like selling a car based on the topped-up gas tank. John Mueller, Jan 9, 2020

Smith is not live
Siamese Multi-depth Transformer-based Hierarchical (SMITH) Encoder. – it’s a research paper rather than a part of or filter to the algorithm

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