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Yahoo Content Phasing Out

Yahoo Content Phasing Out as Yahoo outlined out a plan to simplify its business and focus on its four most successful content areas – News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle. Yahoo will begin phasing out the following Digital Magazines: Yahoo Food, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Autos and Yahoo Real Estate. In other news, Yahoo chief scientist Ron Brachman and V.P. of research Ricardo Baeza-Yates are leaving the company.

Plus, Tell Google Why You Want More Data In Search Console Analytics; FBI Gets Court Order Against Apple – Apple fights back. Tech industry leaders join it (or do they?). Why is this fight relevant and why is it happening right now?

Moores law to the power of holy mackerel. Moore’s Law was pretty easy to calcuate. X x 1.5 = Yowzers! D-Wave pushes Moore’s Law into the math of quantum mechanics. At a reported 10^8 2016 will be the watershed year for the advancement of AI and robotics. 2016 is the year the common person’s technology allows them access to sufficient processing power. Times are about to get far more interesting.

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